About us

Our idea is to run a relaxed, friendly and affordable restaurant where our customers can eat seasonal and fresh food that changes every month.

Our monthly menus are inspired by what we love to eat, however, we are always thinking about produce that we can cook simply and well. We encourage our customers to share their food with each other and in turn, we hope this means they try foods they’ve perhaps never had before.

Lee Coulson, and Gonzalo Aguirre, have been cooking for around 20 years combined, and after meeting at a restaurant in Barcelona, we realized we both had the same attitude and ideas towards food.

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So that’s why we decided to open the restaurant. Together, we have combined our experience of cooking different styles of food with a large range of worldwide ingredients to produce the food that you see at Nem.

The name ‘Nem’ is a play on words – a ‘nem’ is a Vietnamese spring roll, but ‘nem’ in Catalan means ‘to come’ and therefore, it’s an inviting word for our customers, where they will feel welcome.

- Lee Coulson y Gonzalo Aguirre